Why Your Cat Is Even More Interesting Than You Knew

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Occasionally, they do some odd things that just a cat can imagine, and you’ll never figure out what they’re thinking of. If you happen to get a pet cat, you’ll certainly understand what I am talking about. However, should you not own a cat, but intend to get one, you need to realize that it might be a superb experience which will always make you smile.

Several facts that will let you discover new things about cats and leave you laughing are as follows:

There’s a trend for cats to only meow at individuals, and very rarely at other felines.
Cats are capable of creating 100 vocal sounds, whereas dogs are just able to make 10.
If you speak with your cat more frequently, it will do exactly the same.
Kittens begin to dream when they’re over a week old.
National cats sleep for a maximum of 14 hours, permitting them to save energy.
If you discover your cat’s tail is quivering while beside you, it’s just a means of expressing her love and affection.
The eyes of cats are closely shut whenever they’re happy.
Do you ever wonder why mouse-flavored cat food isn’t available? The main reason is cats who tried such food didn’t like the flavor.
Cats are known to wash themselves right after eating. By instinct, they need to eliminate the scent of food for predators to avoid smelling and running .
You ought to be proud when your cat licks you a lot since this indicates that she feels protected whenever you’re about and considers you as a relative.
It is possible to train cats to use the toilet like their litter box, and also flush it as soon as they are finished.
If your cat presents you with lifeless prey, don’t feel disgusted. Instead, thank her because she believes this as her gift to you.
Most cats strategy their owners that talk on the telephone, and meow as though they would like to join the dialogue.
A cat won’t use a dirty litter box, and prefer to wait until it’s cleaned.
A cat can’t be forced to do something it doesn’t like to.
Cats never remain beside the ideal side of a closed-door.
There are approximately 30 muscles in each ear of a cat. Each ear can rotate 180 degrees, and needs 12 muscles to have the ability to move.
To display their affection, cats usually wrap the curled tip of the tail around their owner’s arm.
When a cat is frightened or upset, it is going to distribute her tail like a bush to look bigger and threatening. That’s why your kitty likes to accompany you within your toilet.

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